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Elderly Care Checks

24-Seven Investigations believes in the needs of the elderly and need to be diligently investigated during the care at and away from the residence. There are no second chances to make sure our families are safe from abuse. As parents, individuals with parents, we have outlined some staggering statistics by type below for your review and consideration.

24-Seven Investigators will make visits to the hospice, nursing home, private homes, retirement communities, hospitals and neighbors in the area. Our investigators investigate thoroughly and report back to the family regarding living conditions, elder abuse, fraud or other concerns within the nursing homes. Investigators spend time talking with the staff and patient at the nursing home. Our investigators will video inside & out of the nursing home which will be included in are detailed report forwarded to our client. There will no doubt with the staff that 24-Seven Investigations is on the job looking out for the care and protection that your older love one deserves. For visits involving seniors home alone, we'll also interview neighbors or other interested persons living in the area if requested to do so by the family. Each visit helps to remind the staff that your loved one is under a watchful eye of a 24-Seven Investigations.

Teen Activity Investigations

Teen activity is fast becoming necessary in domestic situations. Is your teen cutting class, Are they with the wrong crowd? Who's house are they at? Are they involved with drugs and alcohol. We can detect drug use with in your household and all information is kept strictly confidential.

A very sad fact is that the number one killer of teenagers is motor vehicle crashes. Our investigators can observed the driving habits of your youthful driver. Let's correct the problems before it is to late. We also provide GPS tracking know where your teens vehicle is at any time. Unit will notified you if the vehicle starts to move, if the vehicle is being operated above a reasonable speed. Entering pre determine areas such as area that you put off limits to your teen. (know if they are in Camden).

Professional Chaperones, Spring Break Investigations

Over 100,000 American teenagers and young adults travel to resort areas throughout Mexico over Spring Break each year. While the vast majority enjoy their vacations without incident, several may die, hundreds will be arrested and still more will make mistakes that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Using some common sense will help travelers avoid these unpleasant and dangerous situations.
24-Seven Investigations will plan the needs for your group and provide on-site investigator to ensure your safety. Whether spring break is in Florida, Cancun we will be with your children. We will provide daily reports back to our clients. We will discreetly act as your eyes and ears and step in when necessary. If your school or organizations is planning a field trip. We will develop a safety plan for the trip. Pre-event planning and seminar on what to except, and what to do if the something happens. Know the latest criminal activity for the area.

Call Us 1-877-266-0007

1913 Greentree Road Suite A Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Delaware River and up and down the Turnpike 24-Seven has New Jersey Covered

This New Jersey Private Investigators, NJ Private Investigators  provides professional, confidential and resourceful NJ Private Investigations  throughout all of New Jersey.

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